Ohm Lighting is a boutique architectural lighting design company dedicated to providing hands on personal service. Our mission is communication and collaboration with the client, the architect, the interior designer, the landscape designer or the electrical engineer. Whether we are designing a residence, restaurant, office lobby or hotel, the ownership of Ohm Lighting will be guiding the design.

Our experience started with theatrical lighting and production design. As a partner in Impact Lighting, we had the opportunity to design and produce events for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Apple Computers, Sony, Saab, Mazda, the San Francisco Ballet, Opera and Symphony, to name a few.

Ohm Lighting was established in 2002 with the focus on architectural lighting. Since that time we have had the fortune to work with some of the best architects, interior designers and engineers in the world. Our projects range from residential, exterior landscape, art installations, houses of worship, wineries, galleries, theaters, office spaces, restaurants, hotel/resorts and condominiums.

We have passion for design and the projects we work on. We appreciate new technology with the advancements of LED sources, smart dimming and control systems and the design tools to take us to the next level. Sustainability is part of our design DNA. We have achieved LEED Platinum and Gold certification for residential and hotel projects.

Ohm Lighting is also active with designing custom lighting fixtures and fabrication. We have created an 18′ diameter chandelier for a cathedral in Napa, CA. For a residential client we developed a 12′ long bronze pendant, which floats in a dining room skylight, featuring beautiful hand blown glass. We have also collaborated with Phoenix Day Company, a lighting manufacturer, providing designs for their fixture collection, which are featured in high-end showrooms around the country.